Dukes v WalMart - One Supreme Court Decision Could Influence Class Action Cases for All Companies

This summer, the United State Supreme Court will decide Dukes v. Wal-Mart -- one of the most high-profile class action cases ever. While Dukes is an employment discrimination case, we expect and hope the Supreme Court will address several basic issues that affect all class action cases:

• First, the Supreme Court should clarify when a class action seeking both monetary and injunctive relief may be certified under the more lenient injunctive standard of FRCP 23(b)(2), instead of the stricter damages standard set forth in FRCP 23(b)(3)

• Second, the Supreme Court should set a clear rule regarding whether a party must satisfy the relatively demanding Daubert test in order to present expert witness evidence in support of or in opposition to class certification.

Please watch the accompanying video for more information about the case and the latest in attorney fashion, and check this site for an update regarding oral argument of the case.